Who am I? Why should you be interested? How legit am I to write?


Why does he want to take photos of me in nature? And how legit is he to write?

Well, I'm glad that you asked, not at all imaginary reader. Here's my story.

Living in a small town, there wasn't much to do for a creative naturalist.
My love for nature didn't start at a young age. It was always there.

I was always more at home in nature than with people. I’ve always loved animals more than people. I explored, read, and researched about nature in the past and present. At first, only from encyclopedias and documentaries, and after enrolling in veterinary high school, from my own practice. Out of the same love and passion, I enrolled in the Faculty of Nature Protection. My guiding thought has always been how to help preserve biodiversity and biological processes as a whole.

In the meantime, I started doing photography.
At first, I took photos with my phone, as a hobby. They were great, but small.
Then, three years ago, I got my first camera.
I will forever be grateful for that. Thank you, Daphne.

This gift electrified me and allowed me to take more and more note of even the smallest details that surround me. I was hooked.
The very process of taking and editing photos has a calming, almost therapeutic effect on me, so I try to convey the same to others through my creation.
Soon, from photo editing arose video editing. With more options, more possibilities arose. It seemed like a whole new world awaits. I could compare the same pictures year after year; see the differences and report about it.
But with that knowledge came the responsibility.

The forests that I took photos of as a kid got cut down, the rivers got tamed, animals were long gone, and so was nature. I needed to stop it.

After my internship in Croatian forests, my interests shifted. I continued to spread my knowledge and started writing eco-oriented blogs. This way, my knowledge could reach a wider audience. Zlatna Metla was the last project I've worked on.

And here we are now, many projects, many kilometers and many years later, still, the same creative naturalist exploring nature, taking photos, editing, and publishing them. But with a twist! Now I know what to write.

Who am I? Why should you be interested? How legit am I to write?
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