San Pedro Experience

During the ceremony:

I had a vision of myself being 3 persons. It manifested through colors.
Yellow is a child, a black is a man, and a grey is an old man. All 3 of them are integrated into this soul.

The next vision was of a blue ying with its yang being a bubble slowly emerging and quickly popping. I interpreted it as a representation of our universe. Emerging slowly and popping quickly like a bubble.

The next one was deep.
The whole ceremony is carefully designed to help us remember who we are.

We are children with amnesia.
We've forgotten who our parents are, who are our Elder, who are our grandparents.

Why I got that vision?
The Teepee we were in had a tear-shaped opening on the top. It reminded me of a comet. It was falling towards the entrance.
There was sitting a Mother with a child.
During this part of the ceremony, she was the Water.
At the same time, across the Mother out of the ashes, we drew a burning bird.
The Elder said that We, and all life on this planet, are the product of fire and water coming together.
The dominant life on Earth came that way into existence. And that continues fractally on a smaller or a larger scale.

We now know that some 12 thousand years ago Komets struck Earth.
Just like the repetition in the ceremonial songs, they struck 4 times.
Some of them struck ice and released unimaginable quantities of water.
Combined with widespread fires, all of that was the cause of the destruction of the civilization which lived in North America at that time.
The tread of memory was severed, the tradition was forgotten, and the connection lost.

I can't even imagine the collapse.
They lost all. Their land beneath their feet, water, food, friends, neighbors, their tribe, their culture, and their customs.
One wise and close-to-Mother-Earth civilization, gone like popping the bubble.

After the ceremony:

I climbed to the top of the mountain to take a picture of the sunrise, but what I found out up there forever left an imprint on me.

The Father/ the Grandfather/ the Elder spoke to me.
At first, I noticed the trees moving. Then all Forrest complexes, and finally the whole hills.
They reformed into different yet familiar shapes.
He let me know that he was all around me.
He was direct and simplified it for me.
He told me "You are the one who knocks down and plants trees."
To what I replied: Are you sure? No, I'm not.
But I could be.
I know now why I was unsure. I had a tendency to lie to myself. The exact reason why I came there.
If he said so, then who am I to disagree?
Then he explained why I'm the lumberjack/ the planter/ the seed disperser.

Because I understand.
I understand the biocenosis of Life on planet Earth. How it looks and sounds like when it's healthy and how it is now.
I understand how the Forest looks like with us and without us and how it will look like long after us.

My perspective is far from unique, but once I settle down somewhere and have some roots to hold me, I will do good. I will knock down dead wood and plant new.

The Grandfather urged me to start immediately!

I wasn't getting how to start now when I'm tired and clearly drugged.

Suddenly, I felt the urge to get to the Water.

Before the ceremony, I found a creek with a pool so I was heading there.
As I was slowly descending, I noticed a brown plastic can just lying there overgrown next to an abandoned house. The irony is in the fact that this item, once representing a way to cleanse Earth, now lies useless and poisons the same.
I saw how the structure and the system we have is wrong and needs redesigning.

It was cold down at the creek. When I got down I noticed that I abandoned my mission to take photos during the sunrise and got to the place the Sun will shine the last.
I sat into a squat and started to stare into the water.
The shimmering and the current reminded me of one of DaVinci's paintings. He was the first to try to draw them.
When I asked, a droplet would drop so I would form a vibration on the surface.
I realized that the Earth was vibrating and it was making the water shimmer. One just needed to slow down enough and to watch to realize.
At first, I thought it was a constant mild earthquake.
But then I realized that the Water is a vibration. It is Information. It is a memory.
It is a medium we are made out of, surrounded by it, and yet, we don't listen to what she is saying.

She told me one horrible fact: "The fire of Life on Earth is smoldering, growing weaker and slowly dying.
She pointed out the dead plants and the plastic in the water.
That's why the Water was so cold. It told a cold sad story.
The silent scream of the Mother echoes through the Water.
The Mother is weeping because her children don't listen, don't see, and don't hear her.
Nor do they want to hear nor see.

We, the Humans, should be the conscious embodiment of the Mother, and we should use our awareness to help her - we should plant where we feel the Forrest is missing, to regenerate the lungs of our Mother. And not leave scars on her by building houses and tearing through her with airplanes.
It hurts her, no matter how small it may be.
That's when I knew all Life on Earth is connected and that we are all part of One.

I turned back and noticed the Sun was shining at the Water behind me.

So I moved to the rock with an orange lichen on it. These were some really old guys talking about how they were here before we, the spoiled children of the Sun emerged from the Water.
They don't require the Sun to grow and feed on nutrients. They are the dominant way of Life in the Universe and they have been around for a long time.
I can imagine that they look at us the same way we look at a labrador compared to a wolf - a soft, spoiled offspring.
They told me: "You are going to want to sit down for this one."
So I sat.
The Sun rose slowly through the branches and with it the Mist.
When looked at through the branches it formed a beautiful colorful aureole.
That feeling was fleeting as I realized that the whole Mother Earth is being attracted to it by one invisible force. Let's call it gravity.
Just when I wanted to find out what the Sun really is, Ivana came looking for me.
That's when I noticed it didn't want to reveal itself to me.
I now question everything because I knew it was on purpose.
Then it hit me. This is all a hologram. An illusion and a projection. It is all designed for my soul to have a Human Experience.
Just as water is in its fluid form and can form crystals, so is my soul now a fluid and will eventually form a crystal.
Our brain and our body are nothing but the hardware to receive the Soul.
Just as the radio, as we change the frequency, the Soul changes.
So be aware of your frequency.

San Pedro Experience
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