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Earth Wind Desire

Earth Wind Desire

Every piece of wood has its story, all it needs is a set of hand to tell it through art.
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Earth Wind Desire is a Croatian brand that makes objects out of collected old wood. It is important for the brand to introduce its buyers to sustainable luxury art and conscious buying. The task behind these photos was not only to get good quality photos of their art, but to tell the story behind the brand and to showcase the story behind every piece of art. As we were shooting, the night came and we had to move the shoot indoors. The challenge there was to light the items.


Firstly, we've collected and counted all the items.
Secondly, we've found good places to take photos.
Lastly, we got Daniel naked and painted him with a mixture of charcoal and water to have a more rustic and wild look while he is holding his pieces.
As the night came, we used up to 4 flashlights to light up the items from different angles to have different shadows: showcasing all the unique holes and cracks on the items.

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Alen nailed the photoshoot! We wanted to show off our art pieces from a completely new perspective, more into a sustainable luxury dimension. He is patient and has a profane artistic eye, which made our collaboration a great experience. We would definitely recommend working with Alen.
Earth Wind Desire
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