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Vasyl Ros

Zvuk i Dodir

How to capture the essence of sound and touch with pictures?
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Vasyl is a beautiful human who has integrated sound therapy and massage in one and named it Zvuk i Dodir (Eng. Sound and Touch). His treatment through touch and sound introduces an extremely relaxed state of body and mind, in which energy slowly returns to its natural flow throughout the body. But, he needed customers, and for that he needed to promote his business on social media, so he asked me to capture his essence, the instruments he plays and the atmosphere. Minimalist design and dimmed lights needed to ensure a feeling of complete privacy, relaxation and focus. This was just before Christmas, so the day was short, and we needed to be quick and efficient. The challenge was to find a place in his house with enough light and capture the intimate atmosphere at the same time.


We've found a place with a lot of light and asked his girlfriend to serve a massaging model. As the light moved across the sky, so did we. In sunset, we went outside to capture the golden hour and Vasyl playing his instruments. Sadly, we didn't go through all of them and scheduled and another session.

The second time we met, I've taken pictures of his smaller instruments and the ambience of his therapy room. A strong light source played a key role in this process.

Lastly, I've taken some videos of him playing his instruments.

Conclusion: Getting someone's trust is all that much rewarding when you see the pictures from before and after you gain their trust. It is magical how different and sincere people look once they trust you. Whereas before, Vasyl was cold, unemotional, often frowned, and rarely even looked into the camera, on our last photoshoot, everything changed, and the pictures are the proof that the process was worth it.

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Alen is dedicated to his work. When I look at the pictures he captured, I understand what "instead of a thousand words" means ... We’ve already had two shootings together, and each of them lasted a few hours and flew by in a few moments. I definitely want to continue working together. Alen inspires me to present my product in innovative ways that I might not have dared to do alone. When Alen shoots me and my work, I feel like I’m really doing something sacred. His focus is unquestionable. His frame is clear, and his mind is clear. Thank you, Alen, for helping me convey my work to the world the way I feel about it.
Vasyl Ros
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